Abrote Services Limited is proficient in the delivery of the following services:

Machinery Lubrication Management

  • Plant Lubrication Audit Services
  • Lubricant Contamination Control Services
  • Lubrication Certification Training Services
  • Lubrication Programe Engineering
  • Lubricant Auto-Application Systems
  • Lubricants Storage & Handling Equipment

Corrosion Control Services

  • Blasting & Painting of Structural Steel Facilities
  • Painting Specification & Painting Inspection Services
  • Cathodic Protection and Pipe Coating Services

Water Treatment Technology

  • Boiler Water & Cooling Water treatment Services
  • Water Treatment Training Services
  • Process Raw Water Condition Monitoring
  • Borehole Drilling and Maintenance

Chemical Cleaning/Tank Calibration

  • Pickling & Passivation of Piping & Process Equipment
  • Chemical Cleaning of Boilers, Heat Exchangers etc
  • Storage Tanks Calibration

Procurement & Installation/Engineering Works

  • Industrial Components, Tools and Machines
  • Process Chemicals Supply
  • Drilling Fluids and Allied Products

Analytical Services

  • Transformer Oil Testing
  • Lube Oil Testing